Who is myQaa
History and values of your mobile application provider for events

“myQaa's depth of innovation is set to become
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Have you ever felt the frustration of not asking a question during a presentation, although you really wanted to? Have you ever been bored to death during a presentation and wished you could connect with other people? Do these thoughts resonate with your personal experience

Like you, 500 million people attend events every year and are familiar with these situations... but we believe, we had something to do.

In February 2010, us, Eric and Richad, frustrated with the conference and event experience, decided to change that. We had the idea to create a platform allowing people to connect and express themselves through their mobile phones during events. So in April 2010, My Questions And Answers - myQaa [my-Ka] was born.

We graduated from the Founder Institute in Paris, the first session outside of the US. And on the 3rd of August 2010, was held our first event in the Silicon Valley, the same day myQaa was listed as a company.
At our return in France, we quickly contracted with a French government agency, "Le Centre d'Analyse Stratégique", allowing myQaa to start its incredible story.

Two years later, myQaa [my-ka], is an event mobile app providing event planners an all-in-one cross-device tool for their organizing, engagement management and reporting needs, throughout the lifecycle of an event.

Jean-Michel Billaut


Jean-Michel Billaut has been holding for several years a strategic role in the digital technology, and worked to develop the digital economy. Precursor in the NICT sector (New Information and Communication Technologies), he founded the Atelier BNP-Paribas in 1978 and managed it until 2002. BNP Paribas’s subsidiary, The "atelier" (ie. "workshop") is a strategic surveillance and analysis center for new technologies and a committee which organizes surveys and business trips for banks and other companies.

Initiator of many associations in the digital sector, he created The Internet Festival in 1997, received the award of the "Digital Personality of the year 2010" by the ACSEL (the French Association of the Digital Economy) and the "Digital Society Developer" award in 2011. The President of the French Republic, Mr Jacques CHIRAC, awarded him with the Legion of Honour to thank Jean-Michel for his important actions in the web development.

His blog and his billautshow.tv where he helps many web startups to introduce their business and present their company, is the most-viewed one about new technologies in France. His advises will be key to us as a thought leader in the digital industry.

Renaud Visage

Renaud Visage likes building tech products and brands used by millions of people around the world.

Renaud is the founding technical architect of Eventbrite. He internationalized the Eventbrite platform, and is currently working on Eventbrite's next big projects and evangelizing Eventbrite throughout Europe.

Renaud is also an accomplished architectural and travel photographer. His work is represented by various stock photo agencies around the world.