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myQaa at Bouygues Telecom's event

For an internal meeting, Bouygues Telecom was looking to engage its employees and keep them fully motivated. For the first time, the CEO decided to speak in front of all middle management. To make sure everyone would be able to ask questions, Bouygues Telecom asked myQaa to provide a solution. By using myQaa's Smart Q&A feature, participants felt empowered because their voice was taken into account - on the spot! It was such a hit that since then, myQaa has become a partner for Bouygues Telecom's internal meetings.


myQaa offered a unique opportunity to aggregate instantaneously questions from a large audience.

Barbara Mechin - Bouygues Telecom

Key Metrics

% adoption rate
Questions asked in 20 minutes
Day to setup the app & custom service

Top 3 Key Features

Smart Q&A

Let your Participants Ask Questions


Engage your Audience in Real-Time Votes & Quizz


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