Trade Show Case Study: Franchise Expo Paris

Exhibitors connect with their audience

myQaa at Reed Exhibitions's event

Franchise Expo Paris, organised by Reed Travel Exhibitions, is the world's leading trade show for the franchise community. To connect the exhibitors with more than 30.000 entrepreneurs coming from over 80 countries, myQaa created a native app that was available in the App stores.
Besides myQaa's standard features, we developed an interactive map that showed the path between 2 booths and a list of exhibitors that could be searched using multiple criteria. Delegates were also able to ‘favourite’ exhibitors, so it was easier to find them later. To increase engagement, the app had a photo gallery where delegates and exhibitors posted their own pictures via Flickr or Instagram.
The app was so successful that we have developed a matchmaking app that connects Franchise Expo participants all-year round.


We wanted a digital solution to provide more value to our delegates and help our exhibitors connect with more buyers. Using myQaa, we provided the show visitors with a seamless experience and buyers were able to find companies more easily. Besides, we were able to monetise the app with sponsorship revenue. The app worked well and we were very satisfied with myQaa's outstanding customer service. As a result, we're already working together on new services and features

Sylvie Gaudy - Reed Exhibitions

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