Customized HTML5 App for Nokia's map technology sales event

A powerful networking and interactive tool

myQaa at Nokia's event

myQaa supplied a customised HTML5 app for Nokia/'s client event, Directions 2013. Nokia/ needed an app that could be integrated with the maps (a web map service and geolocation platform). The app was also used to enhance the delegates' experience by providing personalised agendas, practical information, seating plans and networking tools.


myQaa provided us an event mobile application and the right tools to create a mobile experience at our events worldwide. Participants have access to practical information, a personalized agenda and benefited from a powerful networking and interactive tool

Claire Gaudefroy - Nokia

Claire from Nokia, perfectly played the DMC - Digital Master of Ceremony - role. A DMC is the manager of the Event App, he stimulates the community during the event, post pictures and manages the Event Wall.

Richad Mitha - myQaa

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