Event lifecycle
mobile app for events organizers

As any event moves from concept to planning to implementation the priorities of event management evolve and focus shifts. We at myQaa have been looking at the whole event lifecycle and have developed the first all-inclusive app for events organizers, offering not only the standard range of interactive engagement opportunities for attendees, but also a whole range of services specific to event content management activities.


Planning constitutes a significant part of event project management. It is a process of mentally fitting all the components together, including foreseeing any problems and their solutions. But because we know an organizer cannot predict all possible problems, we prefer to describe this process as a method for reducing the number of problems.

In this sense, we believe that the aim of event management is to plan all the tasks that can be planned so that changes and unforeseen problems can be dealt with in a focused way.


Working under constraints

Because the only constant in this industry is change, myQaa's solutions aim to address the concept of growth and change that occur during the event lifecycle.

Events management, like any project has very identifiable characteristics: they are time based (every aspect has a time constraint), they are unique and involve using new resources, they have start and finish dates and the level of activity varies over the duration of the project. And as with any project, the areas of risk, content or scheduling are managed throughout an event lifecycle. No matter what changes occur, the event will need to work within the constraints set by the client (achieving desired ROI, extending the network, employee satisfaction, etc). Plus, these client-set constraints, establish the objectives within which the lifecycle functions.

myQaa Solution

Data entry, creating reports, surveying and other tasks consume a tremendous amount of time and resources. App technology can automate some of these tedious functions and enable organizers more informed, focused and efficient ! Event campaigns will become more strategic and app technology can yield serious time/cost savings. On the organizer side it's about managing session content, aiding discovery through real time updated practical information or enabling better networking opportunities.

Mobile devices make a great platform for building engagement with attendees and encourage repeated, habitual interactions within the event. For participants its streamlining common tasks they may perform when using their mobile device, increasing engagement and retention or simply impressing new users with novelty and innovation. myQaa features innovative, task-focused solutions supported by social integration, to ensure attendees are closer to the event than ever before.


Being able to efficiently run events also has an impact on the performance of the event. Delegates will have a better experience if the event not only runs smoothly but if their visit is enhanced - from the point of booking, to registration on the day, experiencing the event and providing post-event feedback.

Clear insight generates clear results. Manage your success and strive for improvement with today's most comprehensive data analysis technology. Measure all aspects of event performance from attendance to feedback, compare metrics across multiple events to determine trends among attendees, evaluate metrics and determine if one session draws more of the target audience than another, and more.

Event app technology has become a fundamental tool for today's event managers. myQaa's solutions automate and streamline the event content enhancement process and provide powerful post-event measurement tools that perform up to and surpass expectations.


Efficient event management also means being able to organize more than one event at a time. For companies that are dependent solely around event organization, or for companies that simply happen to host numerous events, this is a critical part of the event management process. Event managers must be able to effectively organize the planning and running of multiple events and this can only be done via efficient event processes.

myQaa makes it simple – previous events remain in the app, the template is ready, so all an organizer has to do is log in and start entering new data. Why start all over when you can build on your success year after year?