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Mobile app features for your show

Usability, Clarity, Utility. Simplicity is hard work. As an organizer-centric partner we maneuver around complexity, then distill to a single, impacting result. From beginning to end myQaa saves you time, a few headaches and increases your benefits across the board.

Smart Q&A

Let your Participants Ask Questions

Participants can ask questions or share comments from their devices. myQaa's smart Q&A supports mobile-tailored functions like moderation tools, push notifications, multi-Q&A templates. You can publish question or comments on the stage screens.


Make your participants boost your event

Give your attendees the opportunity to express themselves with words and pictures! Attendees share comments or questions and also pictures. Datas sent can be : moderated and shared. Attendees have also the opportunity to 'like' or to comment other participant’s contribution.
Use this tool before, during and after your event to arouse curiosity, make everyone feel part of the comunity and create awesome memories. The Newsfeed can be used for ‘team building’.


Engage your Audience in Real-Time Votes & Quizz

Organize a poll or a quizz session. Participants answer from their devices. Results are displayed live in myQaa's event wall. Once the data is collected, analyze and share your results.


Boost collaboration and entertain your audience with live quizzes.

A game is an effective way to engage your event audience and to get answers quickly. With our Quiz you'l get responses in real time, which you can display in our gorgeous Event Wall.

It's very easy to set up, just introduce your questions in the platform and you're ready to go! You can also set the quiz as a game and set points for each answer. Once the data is collected, you can share it in Event Wall, see the results in our Analytics dashboard or get a report after the event is finished. Animate your event and collect useful data with this simple and effective quizz.


Inform Everyone about what happened, what's happening and what's next Live!

The Event Timeline™ is automatically generated when an event is created. It offers personalized notifications to inform everyone about what happened, what's happening and what's next! Data can be changed at any time through the planning, running and closure stages of your event, keeping it up to date with all the last minute changes.

Who's Here

Help Make Lasting Connections

Find back the present attendees list and check out anyone’s sheet. A search tool helps you to browse and to take contact. Attendees can start a chat and will be notified of new messages. They can also make an appointment which will be automatically inserted into the event’s calendar.

Practical Info

Communicate key information about the event

Event informations such as location, timetable are automatically published as well as custom descriptions and venue information.


Get the most up-to-date session schedules to your attendees

Too often agendas are not shaped to your program well enough, they require strong efforts to decode, it's a shame. We have designed a smart agenda layout and presentation which adapts. Offer your participants the most useful and readable event agenda ever.


Include lists along with descriptions, booths locations, pictures & sessions

Help you showcase: Speakers (bios, session, photos), Exhibitors (location, description), Event partners or sponsors.


Never Get Lost inside & outside of the Event!

Let your participants explore the unique map feature. You can include multiple floor maps of your different event locations. Zooming out, the participant will discover the street map around your venues. Use point of interests to spot meeting rooms, exhibitor stands, facilities, restaurants, ...


Collect information, no more stacks of paper, no more manual data entry!

Enable the precious task of collecting information and feedback from participants - a critical factor that determines the success of any event. It's easy and it's green.


Energize your meetings with your event photo album

Create unforgettable experiences for your event attendees with our new service: Instaphoto. Add a fun element to your meeting with this app where event participants can take pictures and “like” their favourites ones. A ranking is created automatically with the most liked pictures.

Use this tool before, during and after your event to create buzz, make everyone feel part of it and create happy memories. The Instaphoto can be complemented with an animated collage of all the pictures taken by your event attendees.


See your event at a glance

With the analytics dashboard, it’s easier than ever to see what’s going in real time, so you can take immediate action.

This feature is a very comprehensive tool that lets you see useful metrics such as number of current users, what devices they’re using, statistics on the networking and Q&A (including a leaderboard of the most active users) or the results of votes and surveys. You can also easily export all results to excel spreadsheets anytime and share it with the event stakeholders such as speakers or sponsors.

Use the dashboard to take the pulse of your event, detect roadblocks and react. For example, if you see that people aren’t filling your survey, you can send them a push notification straight away. What gets measured, gets managed!


Prime Real Estate for Sponsors

Lets the organizer expand his offer and unlocks sponsoring opportunities. The feature includes customer app and customisation. For example a vote may be brought to you by a sponsor.

The Event Wall

Display live information, pictures and tag clouds on your big screen!

myQaa’s Event Wall is used to display and share with your audience a selection of questions or the live results of a voting session.

But that’s not all: now you can also display a colourful tag cloud with the most popular keywords or an animated collage of your event photo album, the Instaphoto. With our remote control you can handle multiple screens and customize the settings, like the number of questions that are displayed or how often the pictures change.

The Event Wall is a great way to energize your coffee breaks or to decor your venue, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless, the impact everlasting!

Tag Cloud

Animate your event with this beautiful word cloud

Make Q&A sessions and panels more fun with this animated tag cloud that is updated live. As event participants send their questions, comments and keywords, the most popular words appear in the cloud. The cloud morphs as more words arrive in real time, changing size, shape and colour, and it looks great in our Event Wall.

Check out this video to see how it looks like.