The Event Wall

Display live information, pictures and tag clouds on your big screen!

myQaa’s Event Wall is used to display and share with your audience a selection of questions or the live results of a voting session.

But that’s not all: now you can also display a colourful tag cloud with the most popular keywords or an animated collage of your event photo album, the Instaphoto. With our remote control you can handle multiple screens and customize the settings, like the number of questions that are displayed or how often the pictures change. You can also choose the fonts’ colours and sizes, add background pictures or include your event logo in the header, among other options.

The Event Wall is a great way to energize your coffee breaks or to decor your venue, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless, the impact everlasting!

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Who uses The Event Wall

Bouygues Telecom
CAS Centre d'Analyse Stratégique

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