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Why myQaa?

It is often difficult to get true interaction in a seminar. The Q&A session in the last 10 minutes is not an exciting experience. Some are too shy to express themselves when others can't stop..., it is time to change!
Using myQaa, participants can send questions and comments in real time using their mobile devices.
You collect ten times more interesting questions during your seminars and your audience is engaged!
No prior installation or dedicated tool is needed ! As an organizer you only need an internet connection to access the myQaa platform.


50x more questions
Boost interactivity
Continue the conversation

Customers feedbacks

Participants have access to practical information, a personalized agenda and benefited from a powerful networking and interactive tool.

Claire Gaudefroy - Nokia

myQaa offered us the opportunity to aggregate instantaneously questions and tweets from crowd and public who were in the room or connected online.

Jean-Michel Roullé - CAS

Key features

Smart Q&A

Let your Participants Ask Questions

The Event Wall

Display live information, pictures and tag clouds on your big screen!


Engage your Audience in Real-Time Votes & Quizz

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