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  iPad 2/3 WIFI iPad 2/3 3G iPad Mini
1 day 39€ HT 49€ HT 39€ HT
2 days 49€ HT 59€ HT 49€ HT
3 days 59€ HT 69€ HT 59€ HT
4 days 69€ HT 79€ HT 69€ HT
5 days 79€ HT 89€ HT 79€ HT
6 days 85€ HT 99€ HT 85€ HT
7 days 89€ HT 109€ HT 89€ HT
14 days 99€ HT 119€ HT 99€ HT
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Why myQaa?

Choosing myQaa gives you the best range of iPad in the market.

myQaa allows event organisers to rent iPad over flexible periods of time. Fill in the form below to get a quote. You will be contacted by one of our team member to answer your requirements. We also can set-up your iPad very quickly and deliver it for your next event.

No additional costs for urgent requests, our prices don't change. Join the 50 companies that are already using us!


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Urgent need for iPads

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Any Quantity

  • We offer a large number of devices, which will give you the flexibility you require to run your event smoothly.

iPads Set-Up

  • Our main job is to design apps, therefore we know how to set-up, add content and engage participants with iPads. Do not hesitate to give a voice to your participants, and let them engage with interactive tools: Q&A, Quizz, Vote, Networking.

Your Event, Your App

Your are looking for a great Event App offering your participants practical information (agenda, maps, ...) and great interactive services?